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Mens Services

Here at Animate Hair, we offer Gender Neutral Pricing however we understand things can get a little confusing whilst the world transitions around us. We have created this page and category within our online booking system to assist you with your bookings however please feel free to book from any of the other categories that fit the service you are after as the pricing is all the same.

Scalp Invigorating Treatment - $10

Researched and developed to prevent and counteract excessive hair lost over time with regular daily use. Enhances the scalp’s microcirculation,protecting and strengthening the hair from the bulb,helping to restore the hair’s healthy life-cycle.

Experience this treatment in salon today, retail size available for purchase available in store & online.

Haircut: Basic - $40

Includes: Consultation, Shampoo, Condition, Style Cut & Towel Dry.

If you plan to take off significant hair, plan for a complete makeover or simply fancy a modern style then a restyle haircut is required.

Haircut: Re-Style - $60

Includes: Consultation, Shampoo, Condition, Re-Style Haircut & Towel Dry.

What is the difference between a simple cut and a restyle? The answer is, a restyle is a big change. It's changing the shape, layers, texture or style of the hair. It can often be going from long hair to a bob, or adding in undercuts.

Buzz Cut - $20

Shampoo Only - $15

Fringe Trim - $15

Fresh New Fringe - $25


We do not provide barbering fade/skin/crew cuts.