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Animate Head Spa

Logans first head spa experience - coming soon!

A Remarkable Completely Clothed Sensory Experience
combined with revolutionary shampoo treatment techniques that unleashes your inner beauty.

Straight from Tokyo, Japan, our YUME SPA's full-flat laying chair and gentle mist combine to deliver a dream-like experience that soothes your hair, scalp, and soul.

A shampoo chair that's so relaxing, it is literally sleep-inducing. An atmospheric mist enhances the treatment experience and infuses the hair and scalp with moisture.

A professional and individualised technique combines exceptional products, pure comfort with tangible results.

Our Japanese Yume Spa Experience ensures total care is delivered through a unique hair and scalp treatment experience that nurtures luxurious hair and a healthy scalp, while reaching the root of all beauty = the soul.

Animate Head Spa Faqs

Can my hair colour be affected?
The simple answer is yes. If you have coloured/toned hair, due to the nature of the experience and being emersed in water for a significant amount of time, it can fade your hair significantly. We recommend booking your head spa service 12-48 hours prior to your colour/lightening/keratin smoothing appointment.

We can however, if requested by necessity, we can provide you with same day colour service. Please note this is not advised on a regular basis as your scalp has no natural barrier and can be tender without its natural oils. (Not valid for Sunday Appointments)

Is it safe during pregnancy?
Due to laying completely flat for a long period of time, we always recommend that if you are pregnant, to get a letter of approval from your regular medical practitioner prior to booking your head spa experience.

I have hair extensions, can I still have a head spa service?
We do not recommend booking a head spa service if you have hair extensions. We use a variety of treatments including heated micro mist which can affect the longevity of the adhesives used in various extension methods along with the coating on hair extensions.

Is it safe for my lash extensions?
Due to the service being heavily water based, we recommend that you attend your appointment without lash extensions.

I have an event after my head spa appointment, is it okay to wear make up?
Please attend your appoint make up free & lash free. If you are heading out after your appointment, please feel free to use one of our free styling stations to apply your makeup prior to leaving the salon. Our head spa service also does not include a blowdry/style finish so we recommend booking our blowdry/straightening add on at the time of booking or we may not be able to accommodate for this service.

Trained in Tokyo, Japan.

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