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Milk_Shake - Energizing Blend Shampoo 300ml


milk_shake® Energizing Shampoo for fine, thinning and fragile hair, cleanses deeply whilst gently respecting the scalp and hair.

Natural powers of organic rosemary, sage and Fioravanti balm extract purifies and fortifies hair and stimulates the scalp’s microcirculation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth. The blend of botanical extracts and special conditioners invigorates the hair stem and gives softness, Panthenol gives more density to the hair, essential oils and eucalyptus instil a pleasant energizing feeling, leaving the scalp refreshed.

How To Use

Prior to showering/washing, apply product on dry scalp, focussing on problem areas first. Allow product to soak into scalp for 10 minutes. Once time ready to wash, apply water, lather, scrub the scalp, rinse. Proceed with a 2nd shampoo on damp hair, leaving in for a few minutes, then rinse.