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What is Nanoplasty?

Nanoplasty (Nanoplastia, Nanoplastica) is an advanced hair smoothing system developed by Floractive. It is designed to replace traditional methods that contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and its derivatives, which can be damaging to both professionals and customers.

How does Nanoplasty work?

Floractive's Nanoplasty utilizes revolutionary nano particles and intracellular nutrition to smooth the hair without causing damage. Our nano particles are approximately 750 times smaller than those used in conventional keratin systems, allowing the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair fibre without opening the cuticle. This eliminates the need for an anti-residue shampoo, making it an effective one step system.

The formula contains essential organic acids and hydrolysed vegetable keratin, including our exclusive ozone protein, coconut oil, olive oil, linseed oil, absorbic acid, acetic acid and lactic acid. These ingredients increase hydration, aid in hair reconstruction, and promote regrowth without causing harm. All the natural agents used in the product are organically sourced, making it a 100% vegan friendly formula that is trusted in over 65 countries.

Is it safe?

Nanoplasty is completely safe as it is free from formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. It is a great option for individuals with allergies or sensitivity to the hair. Nanoplasty provides a solution to their concerns and, as a bonus, eliminates the intense smell of formaldehyde during the procedure. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor prior to booking your appointment.


Is Nanoplasty safe for my hair?

Yes, Nanoplasty is considered safe for hair. It does not contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Instead it uses natural ingredients and essential organic acids to nourish and reconstruct the hair fibres.

How long does Nanoplasty treatment last?

Nanoplasty treatment can last from 3 months up to 8 months, providing long lasting results. The exact duration may vary depending on individual hair type and maintenance regimes.

Can Nanoplasty be used on colour hair or chemically treated hair?

Yes, Nanoplasty can be used on coloured or chemically treated hair. It is safe to use on all hair types including blonde/grey.

Can Nanoplasty effect my hair colour?

Yes, Nanoplasty can lighten your hair natural or artificial colour by up to a few levels. Nanoplasty can also remove artificial colour from the hair shaft.

How long should I wait before colouring or bleaching my hair before / after Nanoplasty?

For bleaching, we recommend you wait 1-2 weeks either side of your Nanoplasty appointment, ideally, 1-2 weeks prior. For colour, we recommend waiting 1 week post Nanoplasty service for best colour results.

Do I need to use a specific at home hair care products after Nanoplasty?

After nanoplasty, we recommend using the following ranges:

Natural Hair = Milk_Shake Make My Day Range / Curl Passion / Moisture Plus Ranges

Coloured Hair = Milk_Shake Colour Care / Moisture Plus Ranges

Blonde / Bleached Hair = Milk_Shake Integrity / Silver Shine / Icy Blonde / Moisture Plus Ranges

Can I wash my hair after a Nanoplasty service?

After any Nanoplasty or colour/lightening service, you must wait a minimum 48 hours after leaving the salon before washing you hair using products such as shampoo/conditioner. This allows the cuticle to settle in order to prolong your in-salon treatment/service. Please note that if it does rains, or gets a little water on it in the shower not to be to concerned.

Can I use heat styling tools after Nanoplasty?

Yes, you can still use heat styling tools after Nanoplasty. It is important to use them at a low temperature and apply heat protectant products to minimise potential damage to the hair.

We recommend using the Milk_Shake Thermal Protectant for a more matte finish or Milk_Shake Let It Shine for additional shine & hydration.

Will Chlorine or salt water affect the Nanoplasty treatment?

Chlorine can reduce the affects of your Nanoplasty and can cause serious chemical reactions for colour/lightening services. Chlorine is a gas and acid capable of damaging/disintegrating the hair shaft. It is always recommended applying Milk_Shake Incredible Milk prior to going near chlorinated water as a protective barrier and shampooing immediately after with Milk_Shake Deep Cleansing or Detox shampoo to remove. It is not recommended to get you're hair wet at all with chlorinated water regardless of if it is natural or coloured/chemically treated.

Salt water can be quite drying. We also recommended applying Milk_Shake Incredible Milk prior to going near salt water as a protective barrier and using a Moisturising Mask instead of conditioner to assist in the re-hydration and elasticity of the hair shaft such as Milk_Shake Integrity Repair Mask / Yoghurt Mask / Curl Mask.